"Super Star K2" John Park to Release Album in January 2012

John Park has finally unveiled his solo album plans!

John Park guested on senior singer Kim Dong Ryul‘s ‘kimdongrYULE‘ Christmas concert over the past three days and updated fans on what’s been up to since his days as a contestant on “Super Star K2.” 

After performing “Kissing a Fool” as a duet with Kim Dong Ryul, Kim Dong Ryul couldn’t help but express his contentment at the opportunity, commenting, “I hope that one in day the far future, John Park will sing this very song with his own junior.” 

The two ended the duet with a warm hug as a display of their friendship. “John Park is young, but despite that, he doesn’t obsess over his popularity and treasures his passion for music deep down in his heart. Watching him now makes me nostalgic for when I went through the same early days of my career. John Park is my junior, but he’s also like my mirror. I’m envious of his passion,” Kim Dong Ryul praised. 

John Park also said, “I’ve learned so much from my senior Kim Dong Ryul during this time. I’m currently working on finalizing the last details of my debut album, and it will be released in one month’s time.”