Anonymous Actress Called Han Chae Young, Won Bin, and Lee Jung Jin "Those Things"

Actor Lee Jung Jin recently revealed some shocking news regarding how he, Han Chae Young, and Won Bin were looked down upon.

On the episode of SBS‘s “Strong Heart” that aired on December 27, Lee Jung Jin revealed that during his early acting days at an acting school, he was called “that thing.”

He said, “When I was attending an acting school, I was studying with two other students, and we were taught as a group of three. At the time, a Miss Korea contestant who wanted to become an actresss registered at the same school as us.”

According to Lee Jung Jin, the actress, in front of all three trainees, said to someone, “Oppa, do I have to work with these things?” Of course, upon hearing this, the three were shocked, but could not say anything.

After this, Lee Jung Jin revealed that “those things” were actually Han Chae Young and Won Bin, two of the most famous actors in the Korean acting industry. The guest cast of “Strong Heart” was appalled and knocked off its feet. I’m having a hard time believing this myself. How could anyone call Han Chae Young and Won Bin “those things”?!

Emcee Lee Seung Gi commented, “If Won Bin and Han Chae Young are ‘these things’, then we’re…” He trailed off without finishing his sentence, making the audience laugh.

Of course, everyone was curious to know who this anonymous actress was, but Lee Jung Jin explained, “She no longer acts and is now married and well.”

After the episode was broadcasted, netizens and people from all over commented with “Whoever could she be that she looked down Won Bin and Han Chae Young”, “Since it was before their debut she could’ve done that but still, they’re so handsome and beautiful”, and “What is the identity of this woman?”

The actress remains unknown, but one thing is for sure- she was dead wrong!

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