Dal Shabet Will Come Back in January 2012

Dal Shabet will comeback in January 2012. Dal Shabet confirmed that they would return in January and have begun practicing their dance and recording their album. They have been giving off a cute and energetic image through their songs “Supa Dupa Diva,” “Pink Rocket,” and “Bling Bling.”

However this time around they are going for a mature image that will be completely different. Currently they are rehearsing day and night to prepare.

The members stated, “Every day we are practicing into the late hours. After our schedules are over we are working on our album until 4~5am. Now it is just natural for us.”

Their entertainment agency Happy Face Entertainment stated, “Dal Shabet will come back in January 2012. They are going to come back with a completely new image. We hope you will have a lot of interest in us.”