24 Member Girl Group Leader’S Apologize for Disastrous Showcase

The girl group Leader’S that has 24 members held a disastrous showcase on December 28. On December 29 they apologized for the showcase. A showcase is usually a first-meeting between media sources and new groups. However, during this showcase Leader’S performed while lip-syncing and also during the showcase an employee of the event company told certain journalists to “shut up.”

Leader’S stated, “We did not pick the right event company to hold the event. Due to a lack of experience we admit that we had problems with the event. Leader’S wanted to do very well and also did their best despite the dire situation. We hope that you will forgive our mistakes with a big heart, please keep watching us.”

Currently, it is being said that Leader’S was unprepared and had tried to undertake in a showcase that was too much to handle.