What Happened at the SBS Gayo Daejun that Made Super Junior Apologize to ELF?

Super Junior‘s members expressed their frustration and disappointment on their personal Twitter accounts about the incident that made them pre-record twice for the SBS Gayo Daejun.

The incident stems from SM Entertainment‘s failure to properly inform Super Junior’s fanclub ELF, of the time of their pre-recording, which caused Super Junior to perform without any single fan-chant during their turn on stage. As there wasn’t support shown to the boys, they asked the other fan clubs present to please support them a bit. This caused the members to be totally upset and disappointed, leaving the first pre-recording by just saying goodbye.

After ELF found out that Super Junior had already recorded without them, ELF instantly took to SM Entertainment and demanded some answers from the management agency. This caused things to tense up a little bit between ELF and SM. SM then arranged for Super Junior to record their performance again, this time with ELF present. 

Super Junior members then started tweeting, apologizing to their fanclub and showing disapproval of what happened. Lee Teuk expressed: “Truthfully this doesn’t make sense..Shouldn’t they upload notices beforehand? I apologize for them.” Donghae wrote, “I’m sorry ELF” and Eunhyuk tweeted, “Year-end has no meaning if it isn’t for ELF…so annoying!!!!!!! *Eat food, eat it twice*.”

Leader Lee Teuk replied to him saying: “Eat three times haha.” Siwon also replied to Eunhyuk’s tweet saying, “Keep eating” and they started retweeting each other’s tweets.

Afterwards, Siwon wrote another tweet saying, “Any way.. you look at it, there isn’t a group more hard-working than us, and there can’t be a group more pitiful than us..damn it!” and “If we’ve done anything wrong, it must be the crime of working too hard, don’t you agree everyone? well just forget it.. what a long day..”

Fans who were following the conversation actually got a shock but could understand their frustration. Siwon, known for being even-tempered and of amiable personality, surprised everyone when he showed his dissatisfaction. 

ELF showed their support by tweeting them back. The posts all contained messages of encouragement, saying that Super Junior do not owe them an apology and that they are not pitiful. 2PM‘s Nichkhun also showed his support on Twitter, posting a message to Siwon asking him to relax and that they should go out sometime.

This incident has heated matters between SM and Super Junior’s fanclub. Fans say the misinformation is “unfair treatment” and that it has to end soon. What is your opinion on the matter?

Check out Super Junior’s performance and let me know what you think down below!



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