SNSD Hyoyeon Breaks Down in Tears Mid-Recording

During a recent recording of JTBC’sSNSD and the Dangerous Boys,” both SNSD and the troubled boys participated in art therapy to take a look inside each other’s state of mind. Many individuals suffering psychological distress often express themselves in drawings and other artworks, and SNSD and the boys were able to confirm their psychological states after completing the assessments.

While she was drawing, Hyoyeon suddenly burst into tears, surprising other SNSD members and the rest of the cast and crew. Shortly after, she left the studio to pull herself together and returned to film. However, she broke down again when the specialist began analyzing her drawings, catching everyone off balance.

Meanwhile, the art therapy assessment also brought shocking results for the boys. You can catch why Hyoyeon, who’s known for her bright and upbeat personality, broke down in tears during the assessment in the upcoming episode of JTBC’s “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys” on January 1 at 7:30PM KST.

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