The Sky’s the Limit for Lee Min Ho! Impending Chinese/Hollywood Debut?

Lee Min Ho’s recent meeting with Andy Lau, a popular singer, actor, and film producer in Hong Kong, is garnering a lot of attention from both the press and netizens. Through dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” and “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho has become a household name in China and elsewhere. Recently, he met with thousands of his Chinese fans during his “2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting” in Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that Lee Min Ho has been receiving several love calls from Chinese producers. Out of the several projects he’s been offered, one stands out because it stars the legendary Andy Lau.

A source stated, “One of the projects sent to Lee Min Ho for consideration stars Andy Lau. If Lee Min Ho accepts, this will be a global project, something that will go beyond Asia.” He added, “Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China is unimaginable. His fan base is almost as large as some of the most popular idol stars. As a result, the competition to cast Lee Min Ho in their projects is extremely fierce.

A representative of StarHaus Entertainment stated, “It’s true that we’ve been receiving countless offers from China. However, we have not made a final decision on any project. We will make our decision after carefully considering each offer.”

Lee Min Ho has received various offers from Chinese producers – ranging from fantasy martial arts to investigative action-filled projects. Some of these works include other famous Chinese actors, besides Andy Lau, as well. Back in July, Hong Kong/American film producer Terence Chang personally visited the set of “City Hunter” to meet with Lee Min Ho. Almost half a year has passed since “City Hunter” ended, but Lee Min Ho’s popularity and recognition only continues to soar.

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