"My Princess’s" Kim Tae Hee’s Complex Is…

Even our most-beloved stars, who appear perfect inside and out, have complexes, and “My Princess’sKim Tae Hee seems to have her own set of anxieties. In a recent interview with Y-STAR’sGoongeumta,” make-up artist Jung Saem Mool, who has worked with the actress since her debut, revealed Kim Tae Hee’s beauty secrets. She stated, “When I first saw Kim Tae Hee, I couldn’t help but freeze, and I thought to myself, ‘How can anyone look like this.’” 

Kim Tae Hee is considered one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses with her small face, beautiful head shape, and strong facial features. Jung Sae Mool added, “The highlight of Kim Tae Hee’s makeup is applying a lighter shade of lipstick in order to accentuate her other features.” 

To others she may appear flawless, but apparently, the actress does not like her unbalanced eyebrows. Jung Sae Mool revealed, “Her eyebrows are slightly unbalanced, but it’s barely noticeable. I hope she stops paying attention to it.”

Find out more about Kim Tae Hee’s beauty secrets through Y-STAR’s “Goongeumta” tomorrow, December 31, at 11PM KST.

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