CN Blue’s "Heartstrings" OST Achieves Success On Taiwanese Charts

CN Blue is transferring their overseas success over to Taiwan, as they are now sweeping up the mobile charts with their MBC OST for “Heartstrings!”

On December 9, CN Blue’s two digital songs for “Heartstrings” were released for download in Taiwan. Currently, “You Are In Love With Me” and “I Miss You” are both ranked #1 on Taiwan’s biggest mobile sites in the number of downloads. 

The full “Heartstrings” OST album has yet to even be released, proving the drama and the boys’ unwavering popularity overseas. 

CN Blue has achieved much success with each new album release in Taiwan, launching everything to the top of the charts. Their recent release, “Thank You,” ranked first on five different Taiwanese charts, as well as become certified Gold.

“Thank you so much for giving us this much love even before the album’s official release. We truly never know what to do with so much love. We’ll return the favor with better music in the future,” the boys said. 

CN Blue will be releasing their second Japanese single, “Where You Are,” in February.