T-ara Turns into Zombies for "Lovey Dovey"

There’s a lot in store for T-ara in the coming weeks! If you thought that they went over the top with their dramatic “Cry Cry” music videos, just read on to see what they have in store for “Lovey Dovey!”

On December 30, T-ara released a new zombie themed concept photo with an explanation that “Lovey Dovey” will include five different music video versions! Each music video will have a different theme, and the zombie theme is the third version. Other versions include Tokyo and Drama. 

The first music video is scheduled for release on January 2, 2012, and it is reportedly 22 minutes long. T-ara is known for always thinking out-of-the-box with their promotions, so this shouldn’t surprise too many fans. 

“Lovey Dovey” itself was composed by Shisadong Tiger and composer Choi Kyu Sung. It’s an electronic-based song that will incorporate the ever so popular ‘shuffle dance’ into their choreography.