Arirang Survey in 188 Countries Revealed Super Junior as the Most Wanted Artist

Super Junior‘s Donghae has been chosen as the #1 idol group member that foreign fans want to go on a date with.

Arirang TV‘s informational entertainment program “Showbiz Korea” held a month long survey over December asking foreign fans to choose an idol group member who they would like to go on a date with. Fans from 188 different countries participated in the poll, which was held on the show’s official homepage, and results were finally revealed on December 30.

According to the survey results, Super Junior’s Donghae achieved the honor of being chosen first. “Super Junior’s Donghae not only received the honor of winning #1, but the rest of the Super Junior members also managed to rank in the top 10. Super Junior’s Hallyu power extends out of Asia and into Europe and the Americas,” producers of “Showbiz Korea” explained.

A second survey asked fans to choose a group they would like to invite to perform in their country. Super Junior, yet again, took first place. 

Other survey questions included “Who is the Super Rookie to lead 2012?” and “The best 2011 drama?” Three thousand fans from Turkey, Guatemala, Mexico, Finland, Egypt, Venezuela, and other locations took part in the survey, and the full results will be revealed every day starting January 2 to 8.