T-ara’s Ji Yeon Displays Her Aegyo and Thanks Infinite’s Woohyun

In the end of the year special episode of MBC’s “Weekly Idol,” T-ara’s Ji Yeon showed off her aegyo as she expressed her gratitude to Infinite member Woohyun.

During the December 31 episode of “Weekly Idol”, a pretend end of the year awards show took place where faux awards were handed out. For instance, there was an award for “the person searched for most after appearing on ‘Weekly Idol’” which ended up being awarded to T-ara’s Ji Yeon.

This is not the first time Ji Yeon has been honored by “Weekly Idol.” Last summer Ji Yeon, along with 2PM’s Nichkhun, were chosen as the idol that looks the best in real life via the “Weekly Idol Real Chart! Idol Self Ranking.” In the “Real Chart! Idol Self Ranking,” 88 idols are polled to select a winner out of their fellow celebrities. Once the show aired back in September, Ji Yeon had gathered enough interest from her honor that she became the most searched for idol.

It had been revealed that Infinite’s Woohyun had participated in the survey. It turned out that he was one of the idols that voted for Ji Yeon. His involvement and the fact that Ji Yeon came in first garnered more attention for both idols.

Ji Yeon spoke about her recent honors, “I am ashamed to receive these awards when there are more popular and beautiful people than me. At the same time I am surprised and thankful. I thank those who voted for me.” She made sure to thank Woohyun, to which she shyly commented, “Although we haven’t had a conversation as of yet, I thank you. I hope that I’ll soon be able to greet you.” She added her delightful aegyo as a special touch.

The “Weekly Idol Awards’ Special” is scheduled to air this Saturday at 2:00 KST. The episode will feature T-ara’s Ji Yeon, Infinite’s Woohyun, Beast’s Yoon Doo Joon, as well as others.