[Soompi 2011] Most WTF Moments of the Year

Happy New Years Everyone! This WTF Edition will just be a collection of my personal favorite WTF Moments. Looking back at my writing, often times it was very erratic and nonsensical. *Sigh* I love it. 

Here’s to hoping that K-Pop will continue to provide me with interesting moments I can talk about, poke fun at, think about, and yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, ready set, here goes!


1) Sick of K-Pop Cult

What more can I say about this article that I already haven’t said. Check out my thoughts on the matter!


2) Reactions of Lee Hyori Dating Lee Sang Soon


Mean Soompiers At Their Best! Here were the comments when news broke out about Lee Hyori dating Lee Sang Soon.

“wow, i don’t care if she’s not dating a hot guy, but at least pick an average one :/”

“yes she likes his personlity. He own personal house, personal cars, personal company..but I dont know for his personal face”

“and suddenly average looking korean men everywhere are filled with hope”

“’friends with benefits’ i guess huhu”

“Beauty often ends up with the BEAST…….LoL”

“that’s f**ked up.”

“Or he’s great in sex”


“he looks kinda old for her,” “Hate him,”


3) Korean Men’s Association Petitions Against Film “You’re My Pet”


This was really funny, the Korean Men’s Association filed a complaint against this film because of its portrayal of a man as a pet. Amongst their arguments one was to think about the roles reversed, having a girl as a pet. Bahah, still warms my heart thinking about how absurd this situation was.


4)    Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Allegedly Talks About Super Junior

REALLY BIG NEWS, NO? Mick Jagger diggin Super Junior’s songs? I had to investigate, and Korean news sources were pointing towards another English K-Pop news site. So I went there, and wouldn’t you know, they had no sources whatsoever. Was it on facebook/twitter/ or for an interview/inside information? To this day we will never know. (I even looked through Mick Jagger’s facebook and twitter, but there was no mention about this.)

Isn’t that illegal? But of course, I bet even if it were, Mick Jagger is too cool of a kat to care. But in all seriousness, that website has lost all of its credibility to me, in terms of journalism that is a sin you should not commit.

By the way, Justin Bieber thinks Soompi.com is awesome, Britney Spears reads my WTF Moments all the time, Brad Pitt reads Soompi.com to catch up on his K-Pop news, and Justin Timberlake loves listening to the Soompi K-Pop Top 50.


Kind of Random but This Clip Was Hilarious, a Parody Commercial of DBSK‘s “Keep Your Head Down




5) Dwight Howard Dances to Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”


6) IU Trippin

Simply adorable, IU was on her way to receive her “Best Song” award from the 2011 Melon Music Awards for “Good Day” and she tripped! As the little sister of South Korea, her tripping has been spreading over Korean media like wildfire. During her acceptance speech she was giggling shyly.




7) Jessica Gomes and Her Breasts


Jessica Gomes appeared on “Come To Play” and stated that she was least confident about her breasts, “’Cause they’re too big. I think they are too big.” Korean netizens, who are as most of you know nearly private investigators/stalkers, found pictures of her looking, for a lack of a better word, “deflated.” So, people began to cry, “Those are not real!”

Jessica Gomes debunked this theory on a different show, saying that she had lost a lot of weight during that period, and she was naturally adorned.


Also before the New Years, an awkward watermark moment!

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