After School Uee’s "Ojakgyo Brothers" Is Extended for Eight Episodes

After School Uee’s drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” has just announced an extension. Reports say the top-rating weekend drama has added eight more episodes to wrap and resolve the storylines. Its 30% audience share ratings is also cited as a factor in its extension.

“Ojakgyo Brothers” is the story of four sons who live together on a farm. Uee plays Baek Ja Eun, a haughty, vain and ill-tempered woman, on whom the third son, Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) falls in love with. The drama has started airing on KBS2 in August and was originally planned for 50 episodes. Throughout its run, it has steadily increased viewership, leading to a strong showing in the ratings against its counterparts on the Saturday-Sunday timeslot.

The extension was at first planned for six episodes, but upon the agreement of cast and crew, is finally decided at eight episodes. This will bring the series finale to air on February 19.