The Case of Hyoyeon’s Disappearing Leg and Face

Surprising pictures of SNSD’s Hyoyeon surfaced online.

Today, a topic entitled “Hyoyeon’s Disappearing Leg, Why Does it Always Happen Only to Her?” was posted on an online community board, sparking great interest among netizens.

In the first picture, all the members of SNSD are shown posing, while Hyoyeon is missing one leg, which has been removed and forgotten due to bad photoshopping skills.

On the second picture from SNSD’s Oh! album, Hyoyeon’s face was replaced by a slit where the CD is to be inserted.

Netizens argued that Hyoyeon has always been the victim of such negligence.

One commented: “Was this photoshopped in a hurry? Her leg disappeared like a ghost. Sunny’s left leg looks weird too,” and “Why does this kind of humiliation always happen to Hyoyeon?” while another was quoted saying, “This is a photoshop issue. Who on earth did this?” and “Her legs were so thin that they finally vanished, and “Why always Hyoyeon?”

What do you think? Bad photoshopping or persecution?