SISTAR's 2011 KBS Gayo Daejun Performance Upsets Some Online Viewers

SISTAR is causing quite a stir amongst some of those who have viewed their performance at the 2011 KBS Gayo Daejun. That’s because Hyorin seemed to have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the very beginning of their performance of So Cool,” where some of her bottom is exposed for one or two seconds.


This has upset quite a few YouTube users who saw the performance on the video sharing website. Here are some of the negative responses:


Well, i really think their dresses are too short… The dresses they wear habitually are good, so why did they shrink them? I don’t care but Hyorin must feel really embarassed :S and i think Korean people will create a scandal of this accident 🙁


Showing your ass isn’t being sexy! You’re sexy when you have, at least, a little bit of class! For me wearing a dress of this size is being “slutty” (when you don’t wear anything under)


OMG I SAW THEIR BUTT ~ Omg Hyo Rin wear your shorts . Bora can’t really see but still … ?! You guys wear underwear right ?


Not everyone who viewed the video was offended, though, and some of the other viewers thought some users were being too harsh. Here are some of their responses:


I don’t know you like SISTAR or not… but please don’t hate them because of this… we should blame the stylists T-T


they wear one dress, dance a few moves and they’re suddenly slutty? overreacting much?


Anyone who thinks this is “too sexy” or “too revealing” has been living a f&*ked up sheltered life and should go out more.


So fellow members of Soompi, were you upset by SISTAR’s wardrobe choice? If you haven’t viewed the performance in question yet, then watch the video below (moment comes in at about 1:12).



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