Boom Back Hugs IU

Recently interesting photos of singer turned MC Boom and IU have surfaced.

On December 25, IU appeared as a special guest on SBS Power FM’s “Boom’s Young Street.” The radio program’s official website uploaded photos starring IU prior to the show’s broadcast.

In the photos IU can be seen dressed for the radio in a comfortable ensemble. She looked very cozy in her hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers. The singer appeared to be happy though her face seemed to be small and thinner than usual, which attracted the attention of fans.

DJ Boom was especially careful while taking pictures with IU. He was respectful of the age difference as well as being aware of fans feelings. Boom can be seen using his manners particularly with the image titled, “polite back-hug” where he mimes hugging IU around her shoulders.  The two can be seen posing together with bright smiles on their faces in each of the photos.

Netizens who visited the site had much to comment on. “DJ Boom and IU look so approachable,” “IU looks so comfortable,” “Thank you for respecting IU’s fans Boom. Hehehe,” “IU looks to be happy and as pretty as ever.”

Overall it has been a busy year for IU.  Last month the singer released her second album entitled, “Last Fantasy.” Since the album’s release on November 29 she has received a positive response from the public. The album’s title track “Last Fantasy” even took the number one spot on sites such as “Monkey 3.”  Last week it was revealed that she was Google’s most searched term in Korea for 2011, to name just a few of her accomplishments.