[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" - Dec. 31 Episode

Infinity Challenge “I’m a Singer in my own right” 2nd Episode

Song selections have now been all finalized. These men will be attempting new things and putting in a lot of effort to show everyone a passionate performance. “Infinity Challenge – I’m a Singer in my own right,” the 2nd episode begins now.

#Shall I show you this ~ Or not~ “I’m a Singer in my own right” midpoint inspections

The “I am a singer in my own right” have started work on their performances after selecting their songs. They hold a midpoint inspection before the actual concert. A special MC has been especially cast for “I’m a Singer in my own right.” The studio is full of smiles due to the appearance of the world’s first side view MC, Jung Jae Hyung. However there is something wrong with his MC skills? Even the National MC, Jae Suk, acknowledges him as a MC that is making history. What is it about Jung Jae Hyung’s MC skills that cause this kind of review?

Following in the footsteps of “Retracting Park” Park Myung Soo, even Jun Ha has a change of mind. There is no way I can do “Do you want to die or date me.” Jun Ha decides to change his song to one that is much better suited to him. The mad competitors throw out a wide range of bizarre handicaps, ranging from singing with one leg up or singing while wearing just a swimming costume. What kind of penalty will Jun Ha end up getting? Should I show this to you or not? Make your competitors feel as anxious as possible. The midpoint inspections begin with Myung Soo’s performance but it’s the same as the original song. Myung Soo is hugely disappointed due to the unexpected response.

Then there is the real musician Gil’s unexpected Samba twist that surprises all his competitors and causes them to be extremely tense, along with Jae Suk, who has run into difficulties and has been unable to even start arranging his song yet. This is the first time we’ve seen Hong Chul like this. Hong Chul’s excessively sincere “Pledge of Love” performance causes the whole studio to full into chaos. Also what will Hyung Don’s “Young Chicken Soup” be like? All his competitors can’t hide their shock when they hear Hyung Don’s new pleading singing method. Jun Ha accepts the handicap and picks out a new song from Haha’s song list. You can feel a sense of sincerity in it Vs He is selling out his personal life. Jun Ha’s new song causes a splitting of opinions, which song did Jun Ha pick? My love is Reggae but I can’t show you everything, Haha’s version of “A fool to a fool.”

And the highlight of the midpoint-inspections, the midpoint vote to see how they rank against each other. Who will be the one that is judged to have shown the best performance during the midpoint inspections and get 1st place, and who will be the one that just watched from the sidelines and get 7th place. The shocking results and MC Jung Jae Hyung’s surprise hidden camera.


# D-3, Race towards the day of the concert

The nerve-wracking day of the concert is gradually approaching them. Jae Suk, the man in danger, finally gets a song that is completely to his liking. He also suddenly hires a group of beautiful sisters that are his close friends in the lead up to the concert. The stage production is too much for Hyung Don to handle? The scale of the performance is too big for him to handle and it eventually causes his knees to fall out underneath him. Myung Soo’s rap skills have improved immensely. Step aside Gary, I am Park Gae Soo. And also a top star has come to his side to assist him. Hip Hop and Powerful rock. Hong Chul and his 4 friends are dreaming of a completely insane performance. The 5 men sing “The pledge of love” at the top of their voices. They practice and practice to the point of staying up late at night without sleep. What will their final performances be like?


# Finally it’s the day of the concert!

It’s finally D-Day. The 7 men gradually begin to arrive one by one for the concert. They may be laughing on the outside but they aren’t laughing on the side. They even begin to talk less due to tension and they are in poor condition due to excessive practice. However they must not lower their guard. They engage in a psychological war against each through the use of smoke screen. The 7 “I’m a singer in my own right” carefully check everything and complete their rehearsals. The high quality MC, Jung Jae Hyung, appears again and they begin to decide their performance orders under MC Jae Hyung’s high quality MCing. Who will get the honor of going on stage first and what kind of performances will they be showing us?

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