2011 Soompi Fanfic of the Year Winners!

Before we kickoff 2012, let’s take a look at the notable fan fics of 2011. Check out these stories featuring WGM couples, Big Bang, MBLAQ, and more written by fellow talented Soompi writers! Whether you’re looking for a good cry, or a good laugh, spend a few hours reading the works of Soompi writers.

The Fanfix forum has voted and 2011’s Fanfic of the Year winners are…..

Full Length Drama Tragedy: “Complete” by clumsy featuring YongSeo Couple (WGM)

Full Length Comedy (Tie): Sweetest Seduction by Jen./ (Original Characters)

Full Length Comedy (Tie): “DaeSung VS The Kingka” written by farorange feat. Big Bang, 2NE1

Full Length Miscellaneous Genre: “My Sweet Revenge” written by on3xdr3am3r (Original Characters)

One Shot Drama/Tragedy: “Dear Mom” written by farorange (Original Characters)

One Shot Comedy: “She Caught Me” written by DaniFire (Original Characters)

Miscellaneous One Shot (Tie): “Untitled” written by angelfightrJ (Original Characters)

Miscellaneous One Shot (Tie): “He Smiled For Me” written by rintard feat. Daesung

Most Original Concept: “The Shining Prince” written by J K feat. Chansung, Wooyoung

Most Creative Use of Writing Elements: “Untitled” written by Pseudonym (Original Characters)

Favorite Male Character Mir in “Man in Red 2” by asmiera feat. MBLAQ

Favorite Female Character Jeon Ji Hyun in “Chasing After You” by skyelee21 feat. Jeon Ji Hyun, Jung Yunho

Favorite Couple Yong and Hyun in “Complete” by clumsy feat. Jung Yonghwa, Seohyun

Congratulations writers!

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