DBSK’s Changmin Is Taller Than Japanese Idols

A recent picture of DBSK’s Changmin with Japanese idols has gathered much attention. This picture was posted on an online community website on January 1 and shows the difference in the heights between Changmin and the Japanese idol group Arashi.

The picture was taken at the Japanese New Year’s Eve Song Festival, “Kōhaku (Red and White Song Battle),”which was produced by the Japanese public broadcasting organization NHK.

The most obvious difference is between Changmin and Arashi’s member Ninomiya Kazunari. According to the profile information of both idols, the difference between the two men is supposedly 17cm (Changmin’s height is 185cm, while the Ninomiya’s height is 168cm.)

Netizens who had seen this interesting photo left comments like, “Whenever our (Korean) idols go to Japan, they turn into giants,” “Superior Changmin” and “I feel content while looking at this photo.”

This was the first time for DBSK to perform at this show after the restructuring of the group and with 49.7% on the popularity vote, the boys managed to get the number 1 position.