"The Princess’s Man’s" Park Shi Hoo is the Most Sought after Hallyu Star in Japan?

The Princess’s Man’s” Park Shi Woo is on the cover of “Monthly SKAPA,” “Hallyupia,” “Korean Drama Guide,” “Satellite Theater Program,” and other Japanese magazines. In addition to these various spreads, he’s starting off a great new year with several interviews in “One Fan,” “Want to Know More Korean TV Drama Guide,” “SKAPA! TV Guide,” and more in Japan.

With dramas like “Prosecutor Princess,” “The Queen of Reversals,” and “The Princess’s Man,” Park Shi Hoo has been developing quite a large fan base both at home and abroad. Last year, he was voted the most handsome Korean star – surpassing strong candidates like BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, Song Joong Ki, Kim Bum, and Super Junior’s Choi Si Won – on a Japanese hallyu site. About 6,000 fans visit Park Shi Hoo’s official Japanese website, as well as the mobile site each day.

A Japanese source commented, “All the hard work he’s put in, along with his sweet image, has finally been recognized through great projects. With NHK airing ‘The Princess’s Man,’ we’re expecting his popularity to grow even more.”

According to a representative of Story Entertainment, “Through various interviews and fan meetings, we felt the extent of Park Shi Hoo’s popularity in Japan. We will be arranging various events for Park Shi Hoo to meet and catch up with his fans this year.”

“The Princess’s Man” will begin airing in Japan via NHK January 15.