Tablo Hater Tajinyo's Leader WhatBecomes "Tablo Was Merely Bait"

If you have been following Tablo and the Stanford incident regarding whether he actually attended the university or not, then you might remember the internet café Tajinyo and its leader “WhatBecomes.” (Tajinyo which is short for “We demand the truth from Tablo” is the internet cafe which argues that Tablo never graduated from Stanford University.)

In August, 2011 the café was sued by Tablo for libel. In October, the police confirmed that Tablo had graduated from Stanford University.

Now it looks like “WhatBecomes” and Tajinyo have resumed their activities as “WhatBecomes” made a post “Evidence Received from Stanford University.” (Also, it appears as though “WhatBecomes” now has delusions of grandeur.)

According to the post, an e-mail was sent on May 16 of 2011. The e-mail says “In the 2001 and 2002 yearbook, and also other ones I looked for Daniel and Sean but I could not find them in the yearbook. If you think this is a mistake please contact the registrar.”

“WhatBecomes” stated that the e-mail is from the “Quad” that publishes and sells Stanford University’s yearbooks. He stated that they would never create false statements.

(WTF? I didn’t take a picture for my school yearbook either, guess I am a fraud as well!)

“WhatBecomes” continued by revealing pictures of himself and also his family. He wrote about his two sons that went to John Hopkins Medical School. He stated that the reason he revealed his personal information, “Is not because I want to brag, but I want to show that I am different from liars such as Tablo or Sean.”

“WhatBecomes” also mocked the Korean media and Korean Police.

He stated, “In April 2011, Tablo who was cornered decided to sue me through his agency. Afterwards ‘lowly things’ like the President, media, college professors, and writers all came together to prevent me from returning to South Korea. The case hasn’t even ended yet and now I am a criminal in South Korea.”

He continued, “I have been receiving threats through the media that I would be arrested through Interpol and the U.S. government, however my U.S. lawyers scoff at the idea. I believe this is the first time that a whole nation has moved in order to stop the mouth of a Korean immigrant.”

Then, he revealed the reason behind trying to bring down Tablo, “Tablo wasn’t my original target. I wanted to figure out who was behind the scenes. I used Tablo as bait in order to reel in the bigger fish. My hobbies are fishing and hunting and I wanted to grab the largest beast and show it to Koreans. After putting Tablo through a fishing needle and started to shake it around. I found out that 460 graduates of Stanford University are all con artists.”

He also stated, “The CEO of a newspaper graduated from Stanford University but he is not stating anything. The reason why there are so many graduates from Stanford University is because a lot of Koreans have bought fake diplomas for their children.”

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