Nine Muses New Member Kyung Ri in Tears?

The new member of Nine Muses, Kyung Ri revealed a strong teaser image. Kyung Ri’s hair is messed up and her makeup is smudged. Her face is pale white and her makeup contrasts with her paleness.

It is interesting because a new member is being introduced in a way that is not your typical profile picture. Shocking is probably what the agency was going for.

Star Empire (Nine Muses Agency) stated, “Kyung Ri’s face isn’t well known and we thought that we could express the new song through our newest member. Not only will Kyung Ri’s image be a teaser but Kyung Ri herself will be the teaser.”

Kyung Ri has turned 21 this year and she has outstanding vocals and dance skills. The talk of the town is that she used to have a following even when she was a backup dancer.

The Nine Muses will release their song on January 11 and perform as an 8 person group.