KARA Refrains from Drinking Water and Eating Food Before Performance

Earlier today, the girls of KARAHan Seung Yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji Young, and Goo Hara – guested on KBS2FM’s “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2PM” to update their listeners with new KARA-related stories.

During the broadcast, KARA confessed that while they love food, they stop eating completely when they’re scheduled to perform in revealing clothes. They explained, “When we had to wear those really short tops for ‘Mister,’ we didn’t eat anything. We didn’t even drink water.” They added, “However, once our performance ended, we ate just about everything we wanted. We gulped down water as soon as we left the stage and stuffed ourselves with sushi and cake in the dressing rooms. We would line up all the food we wanted to eat.”

Radio DJ Hong Jin Kyung asked, “Don’t you mind other people watching you [as you eat]?” to which KARA honestly answered, “Well, the food’s really good. So we don’t really mind others much.”

The girls also shared no-make-up photos of themselves at the studio during the broadcast. Check it out below!