JYP Was an Outstanding Student in Middle School

In South Korea JYP has always been well-known for being a good orator and intelligent. He also graduated from one of the top-notch universities in South Korea. (Yonsei University) Recently he has been gaining more media exposure because of being a judge on SBS K-Pop Star.

On the show “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning Star Secret Corner,” JYP’s middle school grades were broadcast on January 3.

JYP does not look much different from how he does now, but his grades are spectacular. He had an average of a 94 out of 100. (Which is like an A) and he had the 2nd best grades in his class, and was the 26th best out of his grade.

JYP had outstanding grades in all subjects and even the teachers on the show admit that he was very studious.

You can check out his interesting comments while he judges on SBS K-Pop Star!