KARA’s Expensive Stage for MBC Gayo Daejun

It was revelead that the boat used by KARA for their perfomance showed at the MBC Gayo Daejun cost 20 billion won, more than around 17 million dollars.

On December 31, KARA was busy recording a Japanese TV show on NHK which hosted the most popular artists of the year according to the Oricon chart. On the same day MBC Gayo Daejun was aired and MBC showed a music clip where KARA performed “Jumping” and “Step.”

The MV was shot on a boat in the vicinity of Yokohama gulf and KARA put in a very cheerful perfomance that obtained good comments among the fans. However the vessel used as a background and main stage for the perfomance that cost 17 million yens caused a big uproar.

The vessel was rented for five hours for a huge amount of money and it is able to host 360 people.

One representative of KARA’s company, the DSP Media, declared, “KARA and MBC felt sorry for the fans because they were not able to organize a real meeting with the fans. We came out with the idea of renting a boat in order to offer a strong performance.”

KARA showed once again their popularity in Japan attending the biggest music show on NHK together with other pop music shows took place at the end of 2011.