JYJ is the Cover Model for Famous Chinese Magazine

JYJ has been featured as the cover story of a famous Chinese magazine.

JYJ has been selected as the cover models for the 10th anniversary of the famous Chinese magazine, “Easy.” The magazine also features a special interview with JYJ’s Jaejoong, who held a solo fan meeting at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center on December 10.

In the interview, Jaejoong reveals the story about how he had to put on makeup to darken his white skin during his “Protect The Boss” days and his honest opinion on being an idol star. He said, “Being called an idol is not bad. But the important thing is what kind of idol you become.”

The article humorously stated, “It’s a sin to be too beautiful,” as it praised Jaejoong’s exceptionally good looks. Jaejoong had also been ranked number one as “Asia’s Handsome Man” by Chinese netizens, beating many other Chinese actors.

Korean netizens who have come across this magazine said, “It seems like the Chinese press know JYJ better,” “It really is a sin to be so beautiful,” and more.

Meanwhile, the members of JYJ are on vacation and are getting some rest. Starting from the second half of the year, each member will prepare their individual acting careers and work on a new album for next year.