T-Max Has Officially Disbanded Due to Individual Pursuits

The group T-Max has officially decided to disband after four years. This decision was made at the end of last year.

T-Max has decided to break up and each member has decided to go their own path. Representative Yoon Jung Soo of Planet905 Entertainment stated, “Everyone gathered and had a meeting last year. The group decided that each member wanted to focus on their individual activities.”

Each member will be partaking their individual activities. Shin Min Chul will be creating a new management label and continue his music activities. Joo Chan Yang will also be pursuing a solo career in another management. On the other hand, Kim Jun, Park Yoon Hwa, and Park Han Bi will remain in their current management and focus on their acting careers.

Yoon Jung Soo continued to say, “Shin Min Chul and Joo Chan Yang wanted to do their own style of music. The rest of the members, who have had acting classes, will focus on their acting careers. But first things first, we are waiting for Kim Jun and Park Yoon Hwa to be discharged from the military.

T-Max debuted in 2007 as a three member group, consisting of Shin Min Chul, Kim Jun and Park Yoon Hwa. In early 2009, Kim Jun sang “Paradise” for the “Boys Over Flowers” OST, which earned popularity.

In early 2010, T-Max had temporarily disbanded due to Park Yoon Hwa’s enlistment in the army. However, with the addition of Joo Chan Yang and Park Han Bi to the group, T-Max cameback as a four member group. However, due to the enlistment as well as the decision from leader and the lead vocalist, Shin Min Chul, to drop out, the group decided to officially disband.

Representative Yoon Jung Soo states, “Because T-Max was a group that was so close to us, like actual younger brothers, we decided to listen to what each of the members wanted. We told them that if they wanted to rejoin as T-Max at anytime, they could do so.”

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