Idols Pick IU As Brightest Star to Shine in 2012

“The Idols That Will Make it Big in 2012 Best 10” list from MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” was released on January 7. None other than IU was number one of the list!

Those that were a part of the survey were currently active idols such as the Wonder Girls, T-ara, Secret, and B1A4. These idols picked out whoever they thought would be the most popular of 2012. It is being said that they picked IU because it seemed like the “national niece” would probably still be as popular as she was in 2011.

The other celebrities on the list were idols that will or have appeared on TV. T-ara’s Jiyeon who was cast on “Dream High 2” and BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, JYJ’s Junsu who has shown his ticket power through a musical were on that list.

What do you think, which Celebrity idol is going to shine the most in 2012?