Lee Hyori Cries Over Gil’s Generosity

Lee Hyori has been promoting her charity calendars lately, which features images of her and her own adopted pet, Sunshim. All proceeds made from sales of the calendars go towards the protection of abandoned animals, so Hyori has been busily promoting them at fan signings and even produced a smartphone application.

The idea behind the calendars was to provide the average person with a quick, easy way to donate to the cause without having to go through the hassles of finding and evaluating an organization. There was also the added bonus that fans would get to keep a sweet photo calendar of their favorite star as well. 

Thus is the reason Hyori couldn’t help but break into tears upon hearing that Leessang‘s Gil had generously purchased a thousand copies of the calendar. 

Hyori wrote on her Twitter, “Gil oppa, thank you for purchasing a thousand copies of the calendar. I am crying right now.” 

Considering that each calendar costs about $12 USD, Gil has essentially bought $12,000 worth of calendars, a generous donation indeed to a worthy cause. 

Netizens praised, “I’m seeing him in a different light,” “He must’ve opened his wallet since it’s a good cause,” “Not even 100, but 1,000! Daebak!” and “There’s a reason why he’s known as a good friend.”