JYP Amazed by 2PM’s Friendship

Park Jin Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment, showed his appreciation for 2PM’s long-lasting friendship.

On January 4, the producer better known as JYP wrote on his Twitter, “Had a 2012 meeting with 2PM. It was amazing to see how much these guys truly care for each other and put their team in front of themselves.”

He continued, “They’ve been together for five years already, but they talk as if they’ll remain as 2PM forever. They still live together and there’s no crack in their friendship. They’re awesome. This team will have a long-run.”

2PM has shown strong friendship since their debut in 2008. Many idol stars face adversity in their fifth year, and it’s usually considered the most difficult time for many of these groups as a lot of them disband after five years. But many interpret JYP’s tweet as his way of confirming 2PM’s tight relationship and its potential to keep a long career under the same group.

We hope 2PM continues a long and successful career!