[MV] Dynamic Duo's "Without You"

Dynamic Duo‘s music video for its latest song “Without You” is out on Youtube! The song is from Dynamic Duo’s sixth album “Digilog,” which is the first anniversary album in two years since it debuted a decade ago.

The music video is the story of two friends who are in love with the same girl.

Gaeko works at a laundromat, where he meets a woman police officer named Soo Hyun. She is a regular customer, and comes often to get her uniform washed.

The story starts off with Gaeko and Choiza meeting to have a drink together. Gaeko tells Choiza that he likes someone who is a police officer, and Choiza tells Gaeko that his girlfriend happens to be one. (What a coincidence.)

One day as Gaeko is delivering Soo Hyun’s uniform to her workplace, he sees Soo Hyun with Choiza and realizes that they are together. Choize confronts Gaeko, asking if the person that he said he liked happened to be Soo Hyun. Of course, Gaeko lies and says that she is just a regular customer. With a broken heart, Gaeko tells Soo Hyun that he hopes that everything will work out with her and her boyfriend.

One year later, Soo Hyun is six months pregnant and meets Gaeko. She tells him that she broke up with Choiza. Angry at his friend, Gaeko gives Choiza a good beating for leaving Soo Hyun.

Pretty soon, Gaeko and Soo Hyun are in love.

However, their love story must end as she is tragically hit by a car one night as Gaeko and Choiza are having a heated argument.

Not surprisingly, Gaeko and Choiza deliver a new song that does not disappoint. The jazzy background melody relaxes, and soft drum beats and cymbals give the song rhythm.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Even if I watch a fun movie
(It all feels the same)
Even if I go on a trip
(It all feels the same)
Even new songs
(It all feels the same)
All the other girls other than you
(It all feels the same)
I’m lost without you, I’m at loss without you
Come back to me (back to me)
Run back into my arms

It’s just you that is missing but my life tastes completely different
It’s too bitter, too salty, too tasteless
My soul is always thirsty
These days, I only have worries that are pointless

It’s like repetitive rap, there’s no melody
Who do I call when I’m exhausted?
A place without you suffocates me, I feel suppressed

I feel hopeless as if I missed the last bus
My heart is always like midnight, dark everywhere
Did you know? I think you were the standard in my heart
I’m still lost, left in this chaos
Feelings left for you on my side, I barely survive
I can’t fall asleep before drinking all night and all trashed

The air is too cold, alone in the room
The sound of the early morning makes me so lonely that it gives me chills
I miss your smell and warmth like crazy
I miss your smell and warmth

Everything is meaningless
My everyday life is full of anemia, all vain
Yeah, it’s all meaningless, my emotions are lethargic
Always tired and vague

Even if my arm fell asleep when you used it as your pillow, I was happy
Even when your words were the law and I was restrained, I was happy
I don’t look good these days
There’s no brightness in my face and there’s no nature called you, in this life that is like polluted air
Only friends and miserable sympathy are left
Love is only at selfish and sensual nights
I miss you, I miss walking slowly for you
I miss not going to parties because of you
Even work doesn’t make me get over you
I’m doing something stupid with the help of the alcohol – looking up your number
I’ve become so weak that I can’t go around my point
I’ve put everything down, please come back

Run back into my arms
You know it, that you’re the owner of my arms
I don’t think I can forget you
There are so many traces of you left in me
Everything is so different, I think happiness left with you
I only feel complete when I’m with you
Come back to me, you’re perfect to me

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