Shin Se Kyung to Make Cameo in "High Kick 3"

On January 4, a TV Report representative stated, “Shin Se Kyung made an appearance on the episode of MBC‘s ‘High Kick 3’ that was filmed today, acting with the health center doctor, Yoon Kye Sang.”

According to the representative, Shin Se Kyung’s part in this episode is very similar to “High Kick Through the Roof.” Coming from the far mountains, Se Kyung comes to Seoul and meets Kye Sang by chance. Because she has nowhere to go, she ends up staying at Ahn Nae Sang house.

And just like “High Kick Through the Roof,” she plays the part of a housemaid. So again we have the housemaid with the doctor. What’s different this time is that there will be no love story.

Se Kyung’s representative also said, “Se Kyung revealed through an interview that she wanted to make an appearance on the show. After SBS ‘Deep Rooted Tree,’ she volunteered herself first to make a cameo. She is always happy to film.”

Shin Se Kyung’s cameo will appear in next week’s episode. Stay tuned!