MBLAQ Teaser for 4th Mini Album 100% Ver.

On January 5, 2012 MBLAQ’s concept image for the new album was released. The album concept image showed them being chic and full of confidence.

In the picture the members nearly have shaved heads and have black clothes that give off a manly image. It almost seems as if the members are showing fans that they have supreme confidence in their new album.

A representative of their agency JTune Camp stated, “This picture is the new image cut for their 4th album. There was a member who wanted to have a completely shaved head, but we decided to keep it at half-shaved heads.”

He continued, “The reason why the album is named ‘MBLAQ Mini 4th 100%Ver. is because they have 100% perfect, satisfaction, and confidence.”

The teaser for the title song “It Is War” will be released on January 6, 2012.