Kim Gura "SME Celebrities Are Better at Variety Shows than YGE Celebrities"

The comedian Kim Gu Ra who is well known for his sharp tongue gave criticism about each entertainment agency and whether its members were good at variety shows.

He appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Preview” and told miss A and MBLAQ “We shouldn’t pick JYP (JYP idols) because they are not good at doing variety shows.”

MBLAQ stated, “We are not a part of JYP Entertainment.” Kim Gu Ra replied, “Even though a lot of Hyundae companies don’t have the name Hyundae, and if they are run by family, we still consider them as Hyundae associated companies. Even though you are a part of a different agency, Rain is still JYP’s protégé, that is why MBLAQ is associated with JYP.”

He continued, “SM Entertainment celebrities are a lot better at doing variety shows than JYP associated celebrities. YG is also just a bubble.” 

What Do You Think? Is He Right or Completely Wrong?

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