IU’s Producer "If the Plastic Surgery Rumors Continue, We Will Sue"

IU’s producer Jo Young Cheol spoke some stern words about IU and the rumors surrounding whether she had plastic surgery or not.

Yesterday we reported about how IU’s “Improved Looks” have been one of the hottest topics online. A picture surfaced online with IU appearing in an unknown magazine. The captured photo clearly shows a line where it says “IU briefly revealed that she got plastic surgery.”

IU’s agency denied this stating, “The interview was about her makeup being as effective as receiving plastic surgery, but it was taken out of context. IU did not get any cosmetic surgery.”

On January 4 at night Jo Young Cheol wrote on his twitter, “Lee Ji Eun (IU’s Real Name) has never been under the knife. You can tell if you look at her baby pictures. Why do you keep doing this? If you continue spreading this rumor we will sue you. I am not joking.”

He also stated, “IU is just laughing it off and telling me to let it go. I don’t know if she is some Buddha or spirit. Anyways, if these rumors continue, we will consider extreme measures.”