T-ara’s Boram Explains Recent Depressing Tweets

Remember the mysterious tweet message T-ara’s Boram left on January 3? It appears the medicine she mentioned in the depressing message was meant to be just mere collagen drinks.

On January 5, Boram told local media, “It wasn’t anything serious. The medicine I talked about was just regular collagen drinks. But people got really concerned when I said ‘medicine.’” She also said the “heavy and depressing feeling” she mentioned in the tweet was just meant to be “one of those incidents we all experience” and “nothing serious.”

The explanation was made due to the message she left on her Twitter page on January 3 when she wrote, ““I feel like I am going to explode. More so than the feeling that I am going to explode, I hate the heavy and depressing feeling. A little, no wait, I am very sad. The fact that I am taking medicine so that I don’t have to hold in the tears on my own and also not be sick, also makes me sad.”

After the tweet was made public, Eunjung sent her a message, saying, “Sigh, I just want to hug you unni,” worrying many fans if something serious was about to happen.

In fact, this is not the first time Boram left depressing tweets online. On January 1, she said, “It is snowing. When it snowed before it made my heart warm and I liked it, but now when I look at the snow my heart is saddened. I am sad. I used to be so warm.” She also wrote on the next day, “Don’t hate me.”

Hope it’s nothing serious Boram!