Lee Min Ho the Thoughtful

Yesterday, we reported that City Hunter’sLee Min Ho and “The Princess’s Man’sMoon Chae Won were selected as the “4th Generation Honorary Prosecutors” by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. Both Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won have become household names by playing courageous and righteous characters in their respective dramas.

Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won, author/professor Kim Nan Do, and NC Soft Vice-President Yoon Song Yi were given their certificate of appointment, as well as their legal robes, at the appointment ceremony yesterday.

At 6’2” (187 cm), Lee Min Ho towered over all the people at the event but tried to match his height with others during the photo-op. Netizens noticed him standing all alone on the bottom steps in the photos.  A person who attended the event yesterday tweeted, “He [Lee Min Ho] stepped down stating that he shouldn’t cover the face of the person standing behind him.”

Netizsens commented, “What a gentleman,” “He has such nice manners,” and “Oh the price of being too tall.” 

Former honorary prosecutors include Kim Tae Hee, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Seo Jin, and others.