Alexander as a Solo Artist: "It's Fun to Show Fans My Personality and Color"

Fans of Alexander in Malaysia had the chance to catch the former U-Kiss member when he went to the country for a performance and showcase. The trip to Malaysia was intended to promote Alexander’s mini-album, “I Just” and his brand of music now as a solo artist.

Alexander sat down for an interview with Malaysia’s “New Straits Times” and talked about his solo career and his talent for languages.

“It’s fun to show fans my personality and color,” the report quotes him as saying. When he was with U-Kiss, the 23-year-old singer said, he had to project the same image and concept as the group. As a solo artist, he is now able to express more of himself in the music that he comes up with.

One of the first results is “I Just,” Alexander’s three-track mini-album. “Bad Girl” and “Oh Baby” accompany the eponymous title track. The songs will have English and Japanese versions, taking advantage of his multilingual talents.

Alexander is fluent in Korean, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. He was born in Hong Kong to a Portuguese-Chinese father and a Korean mother, and raised in the multi-cultural Macau, which explains his ease in learning languages. He said he dreams of working in the United Nations as a result of his mixed background and hopes for world peace.

For now, though, Alexander is concentrating on bringing the world together through his music. In addition to his showcase event, Alexander stopped by for a guest appearance on Malaysian TV, ntv7’s “Star Live Concert 2011.”

The singer shyly admitted to making minor mistakes in the dance on his Kuala Lumpur showcase, but was thankful that nobody seemed to have noticed. Although this was not his first showcase—he first came back to the scene in Japan on December 9. Solo performances and the confidence to carry them are some of the things he is getting used to.

“I had to do all the singing myself,” he said. “I couldn’t depend on anybody else.”

Moving forward, Alexander also hopes to try for acting and audition for roles in Korean dramas. Sadly, this aspiration and his career leave him no time for romance. He added that even if he did have a girlfriend, she would only be upset with him because he is busy and away all the time. His support system is instead his family, especially his sister Victoria.

U-Kiss members are also family to Alexander. He leaves all their fans with a hopeful thought.

“It’s a good idea to reunite with all members, current and former, for a performance,” he said. “Who knows? We just might.”

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