Jang Dong Gun’s “My Way” Invited to Berlin International Film Festival

Jang Dong Gun’s new movie, “My Way,” featuring Japanese actor Odagiri Joe and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, has been invited to the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF). The blockbuster film directed by Kang Jae Kyu will make its way to the BIFF from February 9 to 19.

The film will be shown as part of the special panorama category. The section is usually reserved for films that show both commercial success and artistic excellence. “My Way” is the third Korean movie to be invited in this category since “The Unjust” and “Woman on the Beach.”

“This movie is not just about the devastation of war but is intended to find hope and love from it. I hope the message gets delivered well to all the viewers in not just Asia but around the world, as well,” Kang Jae Kyu said in a statement.

“My Way” was released on December 21 in Korea with nearly $28 million USD in production costs. You can watch the full trailer below: