Seo Taiji in the U.S. to Work on 20th Anniversary Project

Seo Taiji is set to stage a comeback this year, especially to celebrate his 20th anniversary. The singer, one of the influential and respected figures in the music industry, is working on material for release to commemorate his milestone year in the business, local news agencies report.

According to reports, his agency says Seo Taiji is currently in the United States and is working on music production. No other details are reported, however, but fans are anticipating a big comeback seeing that it is his 20th anniversary.

On previous important anniversaries, Seo Taiji had come up with large and impressive events to celebrate. On his 15th anniversary in 2007, he released an album with all remastered songs from his previous albums, including those he did as Seo Taiji & Boys, live albums, and remix songs. His 10th year anniversary in 2002 was commemorated with a large concert for his fans.

Now that his 20th anniversary is approaching, the anticipation and attention from fans has built up more.

Seo Taiji & Boys debuted on April 11, 1992, through a program on MBC. In 2011, he was involved in a controversy when actress Lee Ji Ah filed for divorce, revealing a long-kept secret marriage with him.

Seo Taiji is looking forward to a better 2012, as evidenced with a positive message on his web site posted on December 22. He said, “All are fine and healthy? This year, you have given me great strength and comfort. I am still very fortunate. I’m thinking we shall meet soon.”