The Reason Tim Has Been Single for 6 Years: "Because of the Fans"

Soloist Tim recently revealed the reason why he hasn’t been dating!

On December 30, Tim made an appearance on SBS Love FM‘s radio program, “Ahn Sun Young’s I Like Radio,” and talked about why he has been single for six years. 

A fan of the singer posted on the radio’s message board asking for Tim to remain a solo for life, to which he replied, “Actually, my fans have been recently praying so that I don’t get a girlfriend. I think that’s why I haven’t been able to date for the past six years.”

When asked by the DJ whether he doesn’t have any problems with Korean lyrics (Tim is originally from America), he replied, “There was the word ‘break up (ibyul)’ in my lyrics and I had no idea what that meant. I thought it meant ‘two stars’ (i = two, byul = star). I even had to ask my mom that.” 

Tim also serenaded his fans with a sweet live performance on the radio, earning instant applause and praise.