IU and Kim Yuna Donate Proceeds from "Ice Flower" to Figure Skating Development

On January 4, IU and Kim Yuna visited the Tae-reung International Skating Rink to donate the proceeds from their duet song, Ice Flower.”

Last May, Kim Yuna and IU collaborated to sing “Ice Flower,” which was the theme song for “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry” TV show. The song earned great popularity and it was decided that all proceeds from the song will be donated to the development of figure skating in Korea.

IU said, “I was originally a huge fan of Yuna unni and I really enjoyed participating in ‘Kiss and Cry’ as well. All I did was sing a song but I’m so glad that it will be used for a good cause. It’s not much but I hope it will be of help to the development of Korea’s figure skating program.”

Kim Yuna also stated, “I’m glad that I can be of help to my juniors whom I’ve trained with in the past. I hope that they will work hard and become better athletes than me.”

The total proceeds from June to November of 2011 came out to be around $73,000 USD. This will be used for training and development expenses for nine figure skaters on the Korean national team.

During this event, Kim Yuna and IU lived up to their nickname of being the “nation’s little sisters” and showed off their cute charms. A variety of cute facial expressions were photographed during the event. Check out the photos below!