Go Ara Almost Debuted with Two SNSD Members

Actress Go Ara revealed that she had actually been trained to debut as a trio group with two members of SNSD!

The actress guested on the January 5 episode of KBS‘s “Happy Together 3” and was asked the question, “They say that you almost debuted as a member of SNSD. How true is that statement?”

Go Ara replied, “I actually was meant to debut as a trio girl group. Two of the members that I had trained with are currently members of SNSD.” 

Obviously, this is quite new information to fans of both parties, so MCs of the show tried to get her to open up a bit more about her past. Go Ara wouldn’t budge, though, and answered that she didn’t remember which two members when pressed to answer. 

She also revealed that she had dreamt of becoming an anchorwoman instead of a celebrity. “I wanted to become an anchorwoman after watching ‘Everything About Eve,’ which stars Chae Rim.” 

Then what made her change her mind? Go Ara revealed, “My friend was auditioning for SM Entertainment so I went to help her. As it turned out, I passed the audition while she wasn’t called back.” 

While on the topic of her pre-debut years, Go Ara also talked a bit about her days as a student. She began, “I used to go to an all girls’ high school. When I first went to school, everyone would gather around me to see my face. The hallways would be filled with students, and since my class was on the second floor, some would even try to get in through the window to see, which ended up breaking the glass.” 

She continued, “Ever since then, my classmates became my bodyguards.” 

Also check out Go Ara’s pre-debut audition video below!

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