Chile and Peru Media Cover JYJ’s Upcoming Concerts

K-Pop is truly spreading across the globe! In addition to BEAST‘s 21-city tour, JYJ recently confirmed that they would be holding concerts in South America – more specifically, Chile and Peru. 

This is quite a milestone for not only K-Pop and its fans, but also for the countries that are being visited by the Korean wave. Local media outlets in Chile and Peru have picked upon the news and have been reporting it as top entertainment news since the concerts’ confirmations. 

Chilean TV channel “La Tacera” among others introduced the concert by running headlines like “The first Korean artists to hold concerts in South America.” They also included short introductions of JYJ, explaining that they had worked with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins to develop their global careers.

On March 9, JYJ will be in Santiago, Chile, followed by Peru on March 11.

In related news, JYJ was awarded the “Icon of 2010” on a netizen poll run by KBS. The members said, “Our fans have given us such a meaningful gift. We’re glad that we were able to win this award as JYJ, and we promise to repay this precious award with great music.”