Soo Ae Reveals Close Friendships and Ideal Man

She is Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk‘s ideal woman. Actor Uhm Tae Woong bluntly admitted that she is an attractive woman. Boo Hwal‘s leader, Kim Tae Won, has thought of her as his ideal woman for quite some time now, and many idol stars will say that she is their ideal type as well. She is called “the lover of many.” Who are we talking about? None other than actress Soo Ae.

When told of her many admirers, Soo Ae laughed shyly and said that she was thankful. So who is this charming star’s ideal type? “Someone who I can communicate with well.” This requirement is one that has not changed since she was in her twenties.

“We see attractive men all the time in dramas and movies. But I would like someone who will support me and cheer me on. Tall, good-looking men are common. But it’s difficult to meet someone who really communicates well. I’m not getting any younger so I do need to meet someone soon…”

Uhm Tae Woong is one close friend who Soo Ae communicates with well. The pair, along with actor Park Hee Soon, have remained close friends since they acted together in the 2004 film “Family.”

“I actually met Tae Woong Oppa (older male) two or three days ago. We brushed off our worries and told each other about our problems. Hee Soon Oppa, Tae Woong Oppa, and I always went on trips together. We ate and even drank together frequently. But it’s hard to hang out with Hee Soon Oppa now that he is dating,” she said, laughing.

We hope you find a good guy soon!