IU’s “You and I” #1 for 5th Week on Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

IU’s “You and I” has been #1 for its 5th week on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart. Ever since January 9, IU has been #1 for the past 5 weeks. This is the longest time that a song has been continuously #1 since the K-Pop Hot 100 chart was created. (Around August of 2011)

As seen in the picture, currently #2 is “We Used to Be In Love” by Davichi & T-ara, #3 is “Trouble Maker” by HyunA & Jang Hyun Seung, #4 is “I’m Upset” by Zia, and last but not least #5 is “Cry Cry” by T-ara.

Check out http://www.billboard.com/charts/k-pop-hot-100 to see for yourself!


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