“Shut Up, Flower Boy Band” Will Be Better Than “Boys Over Flowers?”

“Flower Boys” are a popular concept used in dramas. “Coffee Prince,” “Boys Over Flowers,” “Heartstrings,” and “Flower Boys Ramen Shop” have all used this concept. The flower boy definitely scratches an itch for female fans and usually the dramas will expand beyond Korea to overseas fans.

tvN’s new Mon-Tue drama “Shut Up, Flower Boy Band,” is supposed to be a new type of teenage romance drama. Here are the 3 reasons you should watch it.

1) Fresh Character Concepts

Usually the “Flower Boys” that appear in other drama are rich. But the ones in this drama are dirt poor! They are merely high school students who strive for their dreams. The PD of the show stated, “We will show you rugged characters. These characters are not going to give their all for the female characters, instead their only passion are their dreams.”

2) The Drama Is More Real

The drama will show the lives of teenagers living in various environments from rich to poor. The PD stated, “This drama will show a more real picture of teenagers living for their dreams. I want actual teenagers to watch the drama and think to themselves, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’”

3) The Actors Will Refresh Your Eyes

Staying true to its name, “Shut Up, Flower Boy Band” has characters that are beautiful and handsome. The PD stated, “Each actor has the personality and look that fits perfect well with his character.  Although the ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Did a great job, I expect more from these actors.”



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