Big Bang’s G-Dragon Cherishes his Fan Letters

Earlier this morning, Big Bang was spotted at the Kimpo International Airport on their way to Japan for the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert.” A photographer for a local media snapped a photo of G-Dragon as he was walking towards the gate. In the photo, G-Dragon is holding his passport by his face in order to avoid the camera flashes. What’s interesting about the photo is the fan letter inside his passport. Despite his hectic schedule and craze surrounding him, he still remembered to take his fan letters with him on the road. 

G-Dragon and his fans are well-known for having a special relationship. Last year, the multi-talented Big Bang leader announced that he will not be accepting birthday gifts from his fans in order to lessen the burden. Instead, his fans donated $20,000 to a hospital. Moved by his fans’ good deeds, G-Dragon decided to donate another $50,000 to the same hospital. Looks like G-Dragon takes every fan’s love and support very seriously. No wonder he has such a large fan base!

In related news, G-Dragon has been featured in Singapore’s “The Straits Times” for his great sense of style on December 31, 2011. G-Dragon’s name is listed within the top 10 of the “Men of Style” segment, right above British heartthrob Colin Firth.

Meanwhile, Big Bang and other YG artists will be performing at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka Japan this weekend, January 7-8, in front of an anticipated crowd of 80,000.