Shinhwa Officially Prepares for Comeback

Idol group Shinhwa is officially preparing for their comeback.

The group’s 10th album is to be released in March and is arranging an Asia Tour Concert. The members began meeting up to practice their past hit songs and special performances since January 2.

According to OSEN an official for Shinhwa said, “The members will continue meeting up a couple times every week to prepare for their Asia Tour. They will be busy for the next two months getting ready for their tenth album which will be released in March.”

Another official also said, “The members are being careful for their comeback.”

Shinhwa members have finished their military services, drama, musical, and other individual schedules last year but still managed to keep their friendship continuing strongly.

Shinhwa will celebrate their fourteenth year of debut this March and established their own entertainment, “Shinhwa Company.” They will soon appear on their new show JTBC “Shinhwa Show.”